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The Best Relationship of Your Life Will Be with Someone Who Does These 10 Things

Being in a relationship is hard work. Even if you two click, it’s still difficult working a whole life around another person. Sometimes the two of you could be operating on different levels, schedules, and mindsets. The compromises and little frustrations could break a number of loving couples up.

However, there are several qualities in a person which could make for a successful long-term relationship. So look for the following aspects in your next partner, or your current one. They may be a sign of the best relationship you’re going to have!

10. Paying Attention

In this modern digital age, it’s a huge deal if someone puts away their phone when you talk. If your partner does that, you’ve likely got a keeper! You may also want to stick with those who actually look at you when you talk, and pay attention to what you’re saying. Sure, you may have to nag them a bit to get some things done. However, the tasks important to you would always be on their list of priorities.

Another signal could be the way they pay attention to you in public. They’re not shy to hold your hand, or to message you first thing in the morning. Plus, you can be sure of them always getting your restaurant or coffee order right.

9. Going The Extra Mile

When your partner goes out of their way, you’re quite lucky. No one is obliged to do little favors for anyone every single day.

However, you may find them offering to pick you up from work even if it’s out of their usual route.

More examples of this quality may be in their planning to eat at your favorite restaurant instead of theirs. They would spend hours planning special days even when there’s no special occasion. Of course, the gestures may also be as simple and inexpensive as waking up early to fix your breakfast.

8. A Full Commitment

You may be fortunate enough to find a partner who is not afraid of commitment. They freely discuss future plans, and go along with you to every social event without hesitation. They also discuss you with their family, friends, and colleagues. This way, no one can doubt that the two of you are together. They are absolutely unavailable for any other romantic interests.

In such a relationship, you would not find your partner maintaining old accounts on dating sites. You would also not be afraid of their meeting an ex. They’re so firmly set with you that even the thought of infidelity doesn’t creep into either if your minds.

7. Encouraging Your Identity

You may have been an unconfident and shy person before meeting your current partner. However, they are so supportive of you that you start blossoming and becoming more yourself than before. Sometimes, all you need is someone to believe in you. If your partner could be that someone, this relationship is probably going to stick for a long time.

The appreciative nature of your partner would also ensure that they don’t make you feel bad about yourself. This is the person who would never suggest that you cut your hair, grow it longer, lose weight, etc. In short, you would feel wanted and loved by them no matter where you are in life or how you look. This comfort with ourselves is what can spur us on to excel in our careers and personal goals.

6. Having Fun

If you spend a large amount of time with someone, the two of you should be having some fun! And we don’t mean the physical enjoyment, but the warmth you get by laughing at crazy stuff together. Your partner should be open to laughing at the silliest of jokes, just because you made them.

So if you find yourself talking nonsense with your partner into the night, consider this relationship a done thing. You would probably be bantering and joking into your golden years if you’re fortunate enough. Such a person is also likely to set you smiling even at the end of your roughest day.

5. The Care Factor

There’s nothing like having someone waiting on you when you’re not feeling well. A bit of hot tea or soup feels wonderful when you don’t have to make it yourself. Likewise, there is a lot to be said for someone who stands by you when you most need it. They wouldn’t care about taunting you for the mess you’ve made. In fact, they are the ones who would help you clean it up.

Needless to say, such a partner could truly make life heaven. With them, you are always sure of someone by your side at all events. After our parents, or even before them, our long-terms partners should be the ones who take care of us unconditionally.

4. A Mature Handler

When a person is angry, you have a somewhat accurate measure of their true personality. Anyone can be nice and caring when the going is good. When there’s an agreement, though, your partner’s maturity counts for a lot.

Hence, be on the lookout for someone who wouldn’t attack your weak spots whenever the two of you fight. All couples have disagreements, but it is important for both to respect each other even then. If your partner is following the rules here, they are likely going to give you a great relationship.

3. Not A Secret

Your partner should be proud of you and consider it an honor to be seen with you. Moreover, they have this pride regardless of how you look, how you dress, or how you speak. This means that they take you to public social events, introduce you to their friends and family, etc.

A partner like this would also be open about displaying your picture somewhere, be it their phone work desk. They would also be fine with your posting pictures of you two on social media. In short, they want the whole world to see the two of you together.

2. Putting In The Effort

When searching for a long-term partner, you may also want to find someone who put in the grunt work. We’ve already covered the aspect of going out of their way for your convenience. However, effort also means taking a part in general chores, rubbing your feet, and generally trying to ease your burden.

When you see your significant other making so much of an effort, be sure to reciprocate. Don’t just lie back and enjoy the benefits of being with such a wonderful human being. They may enjoy waiting on you hand and foot for some time, but they may also need something. Be sure you’re there for them when they want you and return their efforts when you can.

1. Bring Down Barriers

In this day and age, it’s very easy to get lost in our phones. As a result, many adults today are unable to open up about how they really feel. However, it is very important to find someone who is not afraid to trust you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they reveal their deepest and darkest secrets right away. It does mean, though, that they can be vulnerable in front of you. They can share their weaknesses and feelings with you.

Without your partner bringing down their walls, it can be difficult to know just how they feel. Having a partner who is open with you would lead to better communication on both ends. The two of you can then focus on making life great for each other in the way you both want it. This would be likely to lead to a flourishing and successful relationship.

Of course, every relationship is different from the next. Even having all the habits listed above can result in a failed connection between two people. However, these are still valuable qualities to have. It is hence better to make these a measure of your partner rather than superficial aspects like money or looks.

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