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12 Shocking signs that he doesn’t love you, just your assets!

The beginning of a relationship or connection is always great, but the paradise phase does not last forever. Over time people change and that is inevitable. Unfortunately, it is the only time when you will see a person’s true colors and know if they love you for real. These are 12 shocking signs to show that he may not love you, but only what you got:

#12 He doesn’t commit to you, but can’t let you go either

He will never seem to want to commit to anything serious with you. Any conversation that comes close to something deeper never happens and he will always find a way to politely skip it. You can never be sure about what the two of you are and it gets awkward when someone asks whether you are in a relationship.

When you approach him with this question he tends to tell you things like he does not want to label what you have, nobody understands how he feels about you, and you somehow just buy it. He won’t commit to you, but he certainly won’t let you go.

#11 Things start to get a lot more one-sided

You will find him getting less and less interested in you and your life. All he will want to talk about is himself and his achievements. As much as you like the sound of his voice, you need him to hear you out too. When you do try and cut in, notice how he will casually manage to twist it back on to himself or will promptly lose interest in the conversation. It’s almost as if he is bored.

#10 He provides no comfort when you have your bad days…

Everyone has good days and bad days, unfortunately that is just how life is. Once upon a time, he would provide you with the comfort you needed but no longer seems to want to do so. When you call up and tell him something, he will find a way to brush it off making your problems seem totally insignificant.

However, when he has bad days you are totally ready to drop your whole life, ditch anyone and go running to his aid. He doesn’t really seem to care when you are down and it’s almost like he avoids you until that phase passes. When you’re happy again, he will be back in a jiffy ready to get lucky!

#9 No flirting, no romance anymore!

Remember the romantic dates and the 24/7 texts, that just fizzled out and he’s left you hanging. He doesn’t seem to call you baby or sweetheart and has dialed the flirting back. When you try and flirt with him, he briefly engages and then switches off. Where and how did the romance die?

#8 His favorite topic is your body

Despite not flirting back, his favorite topic of conversation is your body. He always talks about that sexy figure and how good you look in very tight and revealing clothes. When he takes you to meet his friends, he will not fail to show you off as if you are some trophy on his mantlepiece. It’s almost as though he is complimenting you and at the same time not really complimenting you.

#7 He starts comparing you to other girls

He always seems to notice other girls a lot more and what is weird is the fact that he suggests you dress up more like them. It’s as though his eyes are in his nuts and all that makes sense to him is his own definition of “hot girls”. If you try and compare him to other guys, he becomes quiet and acts distant. No one wants to be compared and every one has there own unique bit of ‘oomph’ that they bring to the table.

#6 He starts to spend a lot more time away

Suddenly he has a lot of things going on and starts to spend more and more time away. Sure, some amount of personal space is essential for everyone, but that doesn’t mean never really being around. He is always with his friends or off doing family stuff and never seems to make time to meet up with you.

Yet, he comes around just enough to keep you engaged and hooked.

#5 He avoids mushy, cheesy conversations

When the two of you met, he used to enjoy having the mushy cheesy conversations all the time, but of late he seems to totally turned off by it. He does not really look at you in the same way. No matter how hard you try, he never reciprocates the emotion back.

#4 You have stopped going out together

For whatever reason, he prefers to ‘Netflix and chill’ a lot more than stepping out together. You are always ready to dress up and go out for a bite but he is just never really in the mood. It’s as though he just stopped trying to do the stuff that makes you happy.

#3 When he is around, it’s a lot about just sex

When he is around and with you, your relationship is mostly about sex and somehow it seems to be the only thing he really takes interest in. He cannot be in a room with you and not have his hands on you and as much as you like him, it doesn’t feel as it should.

#2 He texts back so damn slowly, unlike before

When you first got to know him, he would constantly be texting you and would know literally every single detail of your life. As time passed, the duration of his replies started to get longer and longer and sometimes, he would just not reply for a day or two. When you ask him about it, he will smile and tell you another way he did not have his phone.

#1 He never says, “I love you”

He never says the three magic words unless you really push him to. Left to himself, he would never really say that to you except maybe when you’re having some heated sex. Outside of the bed, he rarely ever says it. You could give him the perfect opportunity and hint and he still won’t take it.

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